Cape Town is not the first destination to come up when people consider diving, but we want to change that. The diverse life in and around Cape Town is like no other in the world. From Nudibranchs to Whales, Cape Town has them in abundance and this makes it an awesome dive destination. Along with the animals, the colorful reefs and kelp forests are a great reward for braving the cold water.

Shore Dives

We are lucky to have numerous dive sites which are dive-able via shore entry. The Atlantic and False Bay sides both have some amazing dive sites where you can explore shallow reefs, hunt for colourful Nudibranchs or dive with the ancient Seven Gill Cowsharks – one of the only places in the world where this can be done via shore entry.

Boat Dives

If wrecks are your forte then you will love Cape Town! Some famous wrecks lie within the Cape Peninsula, each with their own tales to tell. Whether you’re looking to dive all 5 of the Smitswinkel wreck on a single dive or explore the depths of the Lusitania, we’ve got you covered. There are also some beautiful reefs to dive off the boat and don’t let us forget the magnificence of diving with the seals at Partridge point!