Sharks and Seals

The two major attractions of diving in Simon's Town are definitely scuba diving with the seals and cowsharks. Diving with the seven-gill Cowsharks can be done via a shore entry or a boat entry, depending on the weather. Making your way through the kelp forest and observing these ancient sharks is an absolute must when diving in the Cape. Evenly exciting is diving with the Cape Fur Seals who are located at Partridge Point. This is a short, well-worth-it boat ride away from Simon's Town taking you along the breathtaking shoreline of the Cape Peninsula. 

Hunting for Nudis

One of the best benefits of diving in the Cape is that many of the sites are easily accessible via shore entry. There are many options whether you want to explore the mesmerizing kelp forests, dive the shallow wrecks or photograph Nudibranchs galore. There are sites on both sides of the peninsula, each with their own special attributes

Wrecks Galore

The Cape didn't get it's nickname 'The Cape of Storms' for no reason. Fortunately for us divers, this bodes well as we have endless wrecks to explore, from the Smitswinkel wrecks, to the SS Maori, SAS Fleur and many, many more!


3 - 9 September 2017

We are lucky to be able to visit Sodwana several times a year to experience some of the best diving in South Africa. If you’re looking for warmer waters and tropical fish, then Sodwana will not dissapoint!