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PADI Master Freediver

The PADI Master Freediver course is for advanced freedivers who want to take the final step in becoming a competitive freediver or the prerequisite of becoming a PADI Freediving Instructor. This course will take your freediving skills to the next level.

Cape Town is the perfect place to upgrade your freediving l skills with great confined and open water facilities to practice your breathhold times and depth limits. In this new range of depth you will be able to explore some amazing Cape wrecks or go for a play session with the Cape Fur seals, just on one breath.

The Master Freediver course will learn your to fine-tune your training and diving skills so you are able to approach elite freediver levels. Through focused sessions, you’ll be working on your static and dynamic apnea, free immersion and constant weight skills until you will reach your goal of 27 metres in open water.

Course Options

Before you start

How to become a Master Freediver?


  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Be in good physical health
  • PADI Advanced Freediver
  • CPR and First Aid training

Become an Emergency First Responder


This EFR course meets the CPR and First Aid training requirements for the PADI Master Freediver course and further professional-level ratings.


Master Freediver


  • PADI Master Freediver Touch
  • PADI Certification
  • 1 Pool Session
  • 1 Open Water Session


Master Freediver | EFR Course


  • PADI Master Freediver Touch
  • PADI Certification
  • Pool and Open Water Sessions
  • CPR and First Aid Certification

Course Information

Deep, deeper, deepest! In this course there are no real limits as this is all about reaching your own full capacity. As PADI Master Freediver you will have set yourself up as a well trained and knowledgeable freediver that can safely train toward greater depths and longer breathhold times. And there is not a more epic place to take on this challenge than in the majestic waters of Cape Town!

Why freedive with us?

  • This is your ticket to explore the underwater world quietly
  • Highly trained freediving instructors
  • Guaranteed small groups course of max. 4 students
  • Diving in Cape Town is a bucket list experience
  • Passionate freedive professionals with a heart for the ocean

What Diver’s Say

I started with spearfishing but recently I got a job as a spearo guide and needed to do my freediving courses. I was already able to do decent depths but doing these courses made me dive longer and deeper than before.

Dewald, PADI Master Freediver