PADI Freediver

Would you like to explore our amazing kelp forest or wrecks only using one single breath? The PADI Freediving course is designed to learn you develop solid freediving skills where your instructor will teach you the basic freediving principles and breathhold techniques.

Cape Town is one of the most popular and unique places to start your freediving adventures. The is no other place where you can explore the lively kelp forests, dive with the cow sharks and play with the Cape Fur seals simply by walking in from shore.

The PADI Freediving course is the entry level certification course where you train both in confined as in open water. You will start off with knowledge development, followed by jumping into the pool and work on breathhold and swimming techniques. When having mastered these skills in the pool, it will be time to get into the ocean or quarry to dive to greater depths. Do your Freediving course now and find out why this is becoming such a popular way to explore life beneath the waves!

Course Options

Before you start

How to become a PADI Freediver?


  • Minimum 15 years of age
  • Be in good physical health
  • Adequate swimming skills


Self Learning | 1 Pool Session | 1 Open Water Session


  • PADI Freediver Touch
  • PADI certification
  • 1 pool session
  • 1 open water session

Younger than 15 years?

Freediving is still for you

Other Freediving options

  • Between 12-15 year old?
    Do a Basic Freediving course
  • Between 8-12 year old?
    Start your Skin Diver course

Course Information

Freediving is all about discipline, (mind) control and inward power.  The only equipment you need is fins, mask, snorkel, weightbelt and a wetsuit. Unlike scuba diving you are able to enter and observe the underwater world quietly and on your own terms. The PADI Freediving course will teach you the safest ways to do this and you will be amazed how this course will increase your breathhold abilities.

Why start Freediving?

  • Knowledgeable and experienced instructors
  • Small courses of max. 4 students
  • Have a close encounter with a Cape Fur Seal
  • The fastest growing diving disciple world wide

What Divers’s Say

I always have done a lot of snorkeling, but recently heard about the PADI Freediving course. I convinced my brother to join as well and together we did the course. I never thought there was so much to learn about freediving, but this course improved my skills a lot.

Jana, PADI Freediver