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PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Becoming a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver means you are advancing your skills of scuba diving – and without a doubt Cape Town is the place to do it. By diving the two oceans around the Cape Peninsula you have the unique opportunity to see amazing wrecks, get a glimpse of the ancient Seven Gill Cow sharks, explore underwater night life and much more!

You can start with the Advanced Open Water course as soon as you have finished your PADI Open Water course and will build further on the skills you have already learned. The best part of taking the PADI Advanced course is that it concentrates on learning new techniques and enriches your knowledge in a fun and practical way. This means no sitting still doing skills, but exploring new exiting ways of diving under the supervision of your instructor.

During the Advanced Open Water course you will get introduced to five different diving specialty dives, of which a Underwater Navigation and Deep dive are compulsory. In addition, you can choose from of a wide range of other Adventures dives for the remaining three dives, for example Wreck Diving, Underwater Photography, Night Diving, Search & Recovery and many more.

Course Options


Self Learning | 2 Days | 5 Dives


This course is designed to be efficient and completed in the least amount of time possible. Recommended for people who have been fun diving after their Open Water Diver course.


Self Learning | 3 Days | 5 Dives


This is our most common course run over 3 days; generally with 2 dives per day and one night reserved for a night dive.


Assisted Learning | 3 Days | 5 Dives

THE 1-ON-1

This package is for those who prefer to be have the full attention from their instructor and the course will be taught on a one-to-one basis.

Course Information

The PADI Advanced Open Water course can be taken straight after your Open Water certification, so you don’t need to be “advanced” to do it. It will help build more confidence in the water and expand your diving skills. During the course you will try out five different Adventure dives, of which Underwater Navigation and a Deep Dive. You will develop new scuba skills and find more ways to have fun under water.

Why dive with us?

  • Guaranteed small group courses of max. 4 students
  • Diving in Cape Town is a bucket list experience
  • Opportunity to learn more about and try out Underwater Photography
  • Passionate dive professionals with a heart for the ocean and marine life

What Diver’s Say

Monique was my house mate during varsity and she was always off scuba diving. As volunteer for Sea Rescue I’m always around the ocean, but now it was time for me to get under the ocean. Ever since doing my scuba courses with Monique, we often go dive together and I just love every minute spent underwater.

Cameron, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

My Advanced course was so much fun. As a group we made it a weekend away in Simonstown and did our 5 dives over the weekend. Luckily we even got to do a night dive, but my favourite dive was definitely the wreck dive. Suck a cool experience!

Pieter, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver