Deep Forests

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Cape Town diving is convenient with a lot of shore entries, but it definitely pays off taking a boat ride to the deep. With a handful of PADI Advanced Open Water students doing their Deep Adventure dive, we made our way to a reef called Sherwood Forest. This for us still unknown reef lies just North of Partridge Point in False Bay and is known for its - as the [...]

Manta Madness!

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Sodwana Bay The long weekend end April was certainly one for diving, with festivals in Sodwana Bay and in Cape Town delivering great conditions and epic diving. Due to some welcome enticements from family we were lucky enough to find ourselves in Sodwana Bay for a few days, enjoying some late summer and warm water. Leading up to our arrival the wind predictions and previous days' dive conditions were not [...]

Winter is coming

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Simonstown, False Bay There are many reasons why Capetonians should be overly excited for winter to arrive. For starters, there is the prospect of - hopefully a lot - of rain in order to get some relief from the severe ongoing drought. Where for most Capetonians this will be enough to look forward to, us scuba divers cannot wait for another aspect that winter weather brings along: good visibility! When [...]

The skill every diver should master

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DSMB deployment There are many skills a scuba diver should master, but one of the least practiced ones is how to deploy a Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB). From experience, being equipped with a DSMB let alone knowing how to use one does not seem to be standard practice for too many recreational divers. Being on dive boats in the Cape often, it cannot escape you how important and also [...]

A Hidden Gem in our Back Garden

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Gordon’s Bay, False Bay The quirky beach town of Gordon's Bay has a lot to offer for water and beach lovers, but it is less known for its scuba diving. Because of the temperamental waters at this side of the bay where conditions can change rapidly in a few hours, we hardly ever get to dive this area. However, when the strong South Eastern summer wind starts blowing this place [...]

Dive into the Darkness

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Night Diving One of the pleasant features for diving around the Cape Peninsula are the many easy access shore entries. This not only means no extra boat costs or much advanced planning; it also means that most sites are accessible at night. After weeks of rather poor diving conditions, we got an odd 'winter storm' in spring, which finally turned the water conditions into our favour. So what is better [...]

Sodwana Bay Dive Trip 2017

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Sodwana Bay, Northern Natal It was time to escape the still somewhat chilly Cape spring and enjoy the warmer waters for a week. As diving is always more fun being shared, we organised a dive trip for 11 more scuba enthusiasts and what a blast it was! Sodwana Bay never disappoints and a week jam-packed with great diving, sunny beach weather, warm seas and lots of laughter and new friendships [...]

Winter Wonder Land

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Simonstown, False Bay Some people love it, others hate it: winter. Being from The Netherlands winter in Cape Town cannot be compared to winter up north. Sure, the temperature occasionally drops below zero degrees and we do get some snow in the mountains, but overall the winters are rather mild and (if we are lucky) bring some much needed rain. In between all that, you can expect sunny skies and [...]

Our Love for Cape Town Diving

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Simonstown, False Bay We all know that the Cape Town is famous for the iconic Table Mountain, forever views off Cape Point, its stunning beaches around Camps Bay and not to forget the world class wine farms. However, an often forgotten sight seeing destination lies below the surface. The Cape Peninsula has a unique aquatic environment as two oceans meet at Cape Point - the Atlantic and Indian Ocean - [...]