Our Story

Some might call it coincidence others maybe fate, but considering each of us come from opposite sides of the world - The Netherlands and South Africa - meeting each other was not a particularly likely event. However, our bubbles crossed in the ocean while scuba diving in False Bay, South Africa. And not after long, we discovered we not only shared a love and passion for the underwater world, we also had developed a deep love for each other.

This website and blog is about sharing that love and passion; both for each other but more importantly for diving and our oceans in general. We are both PADI dive professionals, however, diving is not our main occupation in life - yet. While working and studying in respectively the software industry and in social anthropology, our daily lives do not direct us to the sea as often as we would like. However, we do dive at least once a week in and around the False Bay area, and when time allows also in other places around the Southern African coast.

Especially those of who scuba or free dive, you understand how important and precious our oceans are to us. There is simply no life possible on this planet without having (healthy) oceans. Unfortunately this often seems to be "forgotten" and the ocean is being used as the sewage system of our planet; think about the large amount of debris being dumped in it, ranging from toxic industrial waste up to the our daily used plastics as straws, cups and packaging. And this is only the waste we can "see", this does not include the effects climate change has on our oceans, something we often can only observe the consequences of. And this is something that makes us (up)sad. 

One thing that we realised over the last few years is that in order to start caring you need to experience the ocean; you need to see, feel, absorb, listen and fall in love with it. In our opinion diving is the way to create that connection. And that brings us back to the reason for having this website and blog. By sharing the beauty of the underwater world we so often have the privilege to see, we hope it inspires others to experience the same; either by starting diving or perhaps by joining us in the stunning Cape Town waters someday.