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Our Story

It can be considered the classic diving story: taking scuba diving lessons, fall in love with your instructor, get married and live in a beautiful place near the ocean. How cliché this might sound, we do tick all those boxes. A few years ago we each studied at Stellenbosch University. With over 30.000 students on campus and doing complete different degrees the changes were slim for us to ever meet. However, having in common a passion for scuba diving and the ocean we eventually met at university’s Maties Underwater Club where Monique was one of the diving instructors.

The fact that Monique comes from the opposite side of the world (The Netherlands) and Matt from the other side of the country (Pietermaritzburg) shows we already had beaten the odds of our paths ever crossing. Matt continued his diving education at Maties Underwater with Monique as his instructor for the Advanced, Rescue and Divemaster course. By the time Matt reached this milestone we knew each well enough to realise that we did not only share a passion for scuba diving and the ocean, we also shared a love for each other. Not too long after that we tied the knot and when you add living in a beautiful area as Cape Town, we have to admin that we do tick all those cliché dive-story boxes.

Divealot is what has come out of our passion for the ocean, scuba diving and underwater photography. Every opportunity we get, we pack our gear and head out to blow some bubbles. We are lucky that we live in an unique place where two oceans meet – the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean – which means diving is almost always possible somewhere around the Cape Peninsula, summer or winter. Additionally, due to the two currents coming together around Cape Point, the marine life differs on each side of the peninsula which makes diving even more exciting. All in all, there is truly no excuse not to dive-a-lot and explore the Cape Town waters every opportunity we get!

However, this is not where we like to leave things. Due to observing marine life around Southern Africa, we see first hand what the effects of us humans are on the ocean environment. You can detect large amounts of litter – especially plastics – floating around, polluting pipelines dumping waste in to our seas and large amounts of fertiliser used on farmlands run into our coastal waters creating thick algae blooms and so called ‘deadzones’. This is a world wide problem and coupled with climate change these are issues we occasionally like to have attention for too. We are firm believers that people will protect the things they love and therefore we are passionate to share our love for the ocean with you, in particular our stunning and unique Cape Town waters. Because if we all do a little, a little becomes a lot!

Students we have certified

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Meet Monique and Matt

Monique van der Hoef
Monique van der HoefMSDT Instructor & Ocean Fanatic
My parents will be the first ones to agree that I have always been a water baby. Coming from The Netherlands, avoiding water is impossible and it was no surprise to anyone that after years of swimming and springboard diving I eventually took this passion into the ocean and became a scuba diving instructor in 2013. I love teaching and exploring the ocean with its amazing marine life. For me, there is nothing more fulfilling than sharing that passion with other underwater fanatics and showing them what our breathtaking oceans have to offer.
Matthew Botha
Matthew BothaDivemaster & Underwater Hobbyist
Who can resist their mom asking to fly home for the weekend to come do a scuba diving course together in Sodwana Bay? Little did I know then that diving would change my life. Returning to varsity I continued my diving courses with Maties and eight months later I qualified as a Divemaster. Soon after, I got my first underwater camera and discovered a new passion in underwater photography. Nowadays you won’t find me in the water without my camera so I can record how mindblowing our oceans are below the surface.